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lunes, 10 de noviembre de 2014

¿Qué es el Turismo? Definición y Concepto

En el 2011 escribí un curso sobre lo básico, lo esencial en el mundo del Turismo, información que puede ser útil para las personas que se inician en este mundo. Después de 3 años estoy contenta porque lo han visto más de 19000 personas y lo han descargado 190 veces. Gracias :)

¿Qué es el Turismo?

Es la suma total de actividades que realizan las personas durante sus viajes y estancias en lugares distintos al de su entorno habitual, por un periodo de tiempo consecutivo inferior a un año, con fines de ocio, por negocios y otros motivos.

En la misma se delimitan con nitidez las fronteras del turismo, separándolo de otras tipologías de desplazamiento colectivo como los fenómenos migratorios y el trabajo fronterizo.

Gracias a todos vosotros y a continuación lo comparto con los que no lo conocéis y espero que os guste como a ellos.


sábado, 1 de noviembre de 2014

What is Luxury ?

What is luxury?  there are many definitions around the world, but most of them agree with the following statement:
A good or service that is not considered a necessity but is considered as something that brings pleasure or happiness. For example, an individual might purchase an expensive automobile because of the status and comfort that it will bring, though a used car would suffice for traveling purposes.
And of course I prefer to invite you to have a quick look to my 2 Slideshare Presentations about Luxury and I hope you like them :)

If you do, please share them with your friends and colleagues. If you have any comment tell me :)
Thank you and have a ¡ nice weekend !


sábado, 25 de octubre de 2014

Travel Bloggers are very Important. Tourism - Blog

Now it is quite impossible to understand the world of travel & tourism, without the opinion of bloggers, what they say on facebook, twitter and other social networks and thanks to the access of our social media accounts with the smartphone it has become greater role.

It is a trend that is not going to do nothing but grow at the expense of the magazines; especially specialist will be in the background.

Today's traveller is looking for experiences through travel blogs and it becomes easy to inspire to choose and hire next destination vacation.
  • What´s the Bloggers role?

In a world like today where digital communication is important, it is clear that bloggers are journalists from the New Century. Their audiences in many cases exceed from any traditional written media.

Therefore, the role of the Blogger is a key influencer in the industry.  That is, is a communicator who knows the sector in which it moves, knows how things work in advocacy, keeps sources and contacts, knows who to contact , has proven experience and does a good job offering good content and good stories.  They have high number of visits, social media followers, good positions in rankings ... Those who meet these characteristics are the “king”.
  • What’s the main value of it?

Blogs are new media, new media with specific characteristics that are its freshness, immediacy , interactivity , and his personality that tend to grow as each the vast majority of people are using the Internet as the sole source to learn , plan and book their travel . That is obvious.

Another advantage of the blog is that it allows to use a different language. They can discuss issues impossible to print, to criticize and ratings that have no place in the media and politically correct sweetened traditional travel . That one of the great values ​​of a blog.

  • What do you think it’s a trend or it’s the future?

There is a blog for every reader, so we talk about microsites , but more specialized . Very important detail when you consider that tourism studies confirm that the profile of travellers is increasingly segmented. And the competitiveness of destinations depends on its ability to develop and market tourism products specific.

Companies that adapt to the new values ​​and are not  afraid to bet on the new media , to create new strategies to seek leaders ... sure will benefit.

So I think the idea was also important, to let know everybody that we need collaboration between all of us involved in this game: journalists , editors, tourism businesses, destinations, airlines , hotel chains, computer ....

I hope you liked my last post, as you may notice I am a believer of Travel bloggers and the future …