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viernes, 18 de abril de 2014

Social Customer Service: Atención Personalizada en nuestras Redes Sociales

Una parte fundamental en nuestra estrategia de Social Media es la Atención al cliente personalizada, es decir atender al cliente en el mismo momento que se presenta la duda vía las nuevas tecnologías y las redes sociales.

Estamos en un momento en que los clientes tienen toda la libertad de expresar sus sentimientos, dudas e inquietudes por toda la red y es el momento en donde las empresas deben ser flexibles y saber responder a las expectativas de los clientes.

Es importante  seguir la estrategia elaborada sabiendo  comunicar y mantener una imagen de marca y una reputación sólida.

  • Agilidad y eficacia en nuestro servicio. Actualmente las redes sociales están al alcance de casi todo el mundo y por lo tanto la persona que gestiona los canales debe ser profesional y activo.
  • Personalización de la atención al cliente
  • Obtener información valiosa de nuestros clientes. Las redes sociales nos aporta mucha información sobre los clientes y sus necesidades, debemos saber interpretarlo para alcanzar nuestros objetivos comerciales.
  • Ofrecer un valor agregado. Sin valor añadido nuestra empresa no será vista por ningún usuario en la red.
  • Soluciones a preguntas frecuentes
  • Mejora la imagen y reputación de marca

 ¿Qué otros beneficios obtienes en redes sociales?


Agradecer a las fuentes consultados para el post: Pinterest (Infografía)Blog de Jose Facchin.+Piktochart 


lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

domingo, 9 de marzo de 2014

Blog = Success Hotel & Tourism Industry

As you we all know Blogs are very important, in fact I can say that writing a blog has become part of our Marketing Strategy as brand or hotel establishment. But we should consider in having different blogs for  our business, not only a general blog for the Hotel ….   Imagine we have a lovely fashion swimming pool, where every Saturday we have great parties with DJ,s ... it would be perfect to have a blog just for that … don’t you think so?

If you still think is not necessary to have a blog then just take notice of the following :  

• Great tool to understand hospitality industry and the clients.

“Information is the key of everything” …. I believe W. Churchill said that, and it is true. We should always evaluate our hospitality market.

• Improve the SEO of your web hotel / bar / restaurant

Articles, videos, photos, etc. …shares and more shares, everywhere …  the search engines will take more interest in your hotel , bar or restaurant giving it greater presence and visibility.
Remember Search Engines like Google are attracted by this fresh and quality content and keywords used in your articles or the comments left by readers.

Own content to share on social networks

If  you are able to create good quality content it is the best method to share on all your social media profiles and create curiosity.  Study your traffic through the share posts and what’s the cause of it.

• Engage with influential bloggers

Thanks to your good quality post you will be able to be  in direct or indirect contact with other  bloggers from  the tourism industry . We should always think that people tend to  trust the professionals  perceived as " experts".

• Get involved subscribers and potential customers

A blog helps getting involved with your brand followers and their contents , through subscriptions.

6 SEO Tips for Hotels:
Find a Professional Copywriter with SEO and Hotels experience
Bring Local Search Listening,  Hotel is a local business
Create Landing Pages for promotions, packages …
Create Mobile Site
Create Useful blog post
Add Social Sharing Buttons to make it easy for your visitors

I can only say that blog is important but to be able to understand the cause of the results it is even more important, and that’s is why I am going to share with you the next infographic about “Travel Blogger by Sandmount Hotel”
Travel Blogger

I hope you like it. :) 


miércoles, 8 de enero de 2014

Mercer Report of the Cost of Living 2013

Out of the 10 cities, four  are European and 3 are in Switzerland. Strangely United States or Canada have no city in the list. In contrast, two cities are on the African continent such as Luanda (which nº 1 )  and N, N'Djamena (Chad) are among the 5 most expensive cities in the world.
  • ·        what cities are we talking about ?

The well-known Mercer's report is the result of comparative analysis of different variables among which we could highlight housing, transport, clothing, food or entertainment, and where the basis for the study is New York.

The goal is to help multinational companies and governments determine compensation benefits for employees who have to travel to other countries, offers a number of examples of the prices.
For example:
• 1 cup of coffee in Managua (Nicaragua) is $ 1.54 compared to $ 8.29 to be paid in Moscow.
• In Calcutta we can pay for a burger $ 3.62 compared to $ 13.49 it can be worth in Caracas.
• If you want to watch a movie in the cinema, in Johannesburg it’s  $ 5.91 compared to $ 20.10 in a city like London.
• Renting an apartment in Moscow can cost $ 4,600 and $ 6,500 in Luanda

I let you enjoy the following video, which explains in more detail the results and I feel free to say if you agree or not J

Video YouTube


domingo, 22 de diciembre de 2013

Pasos a Seguir para Campaña Publicitaria

  • Como crear una Campaña Publicitaria:

La campaña publicitaria es un plan de publicidad amplio para una serie de anuncios diferentes, pero relacionados, en diversos medios durante un periodo determinado. Hemos de tener en cuenta la estrategia, la medición de resultados y siempre a corto plazo, la inmediatez es la clave.

Son 15 puntos muy útiles y espero que os puedan ayudar para crear un anuncio.